Element 4 Trisore 140 3 Sided Gas Fire

Brand: Element 4
Product Code: Element 4 Trisore 140 3 Sided

The Element 4 Trisore 140 is an extra wide fireplace (XL) that lets you enjoy its wonderful play of flames from 3 sides.

 Available with a warm glowing log set, white Carrara pebbles or large ceramic logs.

As implied by the name; a 3-sided fireplace consists of three sides allowing you to have a view of the fire from several directions. Thanks to the use of several glass plates you can install the 3-sided fireplace in many creative ways within your interior.  Element4 offers a model in various dimensions for every taste and style. Be inspired by our varied collection now and find the 3-sided fireplace that perfectly matches your desires.

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