Element 4 Bidore 95 Mk2 Corner Gas Fire

Brand: Element 4
Product Code: Element 4 Bidore 95 Mk2 Gas Fire

The Element 4 Biodore 95 is a wide corner fireplace  that lets you enjoy its wonderful play of flames from 2 sides.
 It is Available as a left or a right corner and available with a warm glowing log set or white Carrara pebbles.

The Biodore 95 is a balanced flue gas fire that gives a powerful 9 kw output

The Element 4 Biodore 95 corner fireplace ensures maximum ambience in your home. A corner fireplace gives a good view of the realistic fiery spectacle. Thanks to the additional pane, this fireplace gives an even better viewpoint to any room. You can choose from various dimensions, installation options and ratings within Element4's corner fireplace collection.