Barbas Evo 100/50 & Stone Bar Built-in Lift Door Wood Burning Fire

Brand: Barbas
Product Code: Barbas Evo 100/50 & Stone Bar

The Barbas Evo 100/50 with Stone bar like the Evo 80/65 has everything that you could wish for in a luxury wood-burning fire combined with the advantage of a compact combustion chamber made possible by the concrete ceramics developed in-house. The angled inner walls have reduced the size of the Evo combustion chamber by approximately 45%. This has decreased the output to approximately 14 kW, which is more than sufficient for the growing well insulated modern home market. A (normal) lift door fireplace of this size without the sloped converging inner walls can easily produce 20 to25 kW, which is usually too much for an average living room.