Stovax Riva Traditional Open Convector Fires

Brand: Stovax -Gazco
Product Code: Stovax Riva Traditional

The Stovax Riva Open Traditional Convectors are available in five widths and two heights to suit the broadest variety of fireplace types. If you are seeking the atmosphere of a real open fire the Riva Traditional offers a range of classic styling options but with a heating efficiency double that of a normal grate or hearth.
The discreet black finish allows the fire to blend with any fireplace, whether stone, brick, marble or wood. The opportunities to create a distinct focal point for your home are immense.
For wood burning you need to select a log tray and your choice of log retainer front. If burning smokeless fuels, there is a cast iron grate/ash pan. Additional personalisation of your fire can be achieved with Profil clip-on frames. These are available in a choice of brass or brushed steel for most sizes of Riva Open Convector.