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Morsø 1412 Squirrel Multi-Fuel Stove
Morsø 1412 is approved to burn wood in smoke control areas. The stove has an exceptional viewing ..
Morsø 2110 Panther Multi-fuel Stove
This cast-iron stove is spacious and effective. It is a true representative of the proud M..
Morsø 3112 Badger Multi-fuel Stoves
The Morsø 3100 series incorporates the best from the classic Morsø design, but takes advantage of th..
Morsø Fire Pot
Morsø Fire Pot, designed by Klaus Rath, is a tribute to fire and the brief glimpses of simplicity in..
Morsø Forno Gas Medio
~~As our latest addition, Morsø now introduces the Morsø Forno Gas Medio - the first gas grill in ou..
Morsø Grill 71
~~Iconic cast iron grill, designed by Morsø in 1971 and has been produced ever since. Everyone knows..
Morsø Grill 71 Table
Morsø Grill ’71 Table is a brand-new variation of the iconic Grill ’71 by Morsø, which has been a pe..
Morsø Grill Forno II
~~Morsø Grill Forno II, a multi-functional version of the Morsø Grill Forno, is now available with a..
Morsø Grill ’17
Morsø Grill ’17 is a beautiful piece of terrace furniture that will mean even more opportunities for..
Morsø Ignis Firepit
Morsø Ignis Firepit is the ideal choice for everyone who likes to create good, atmospheric time..
Morsø Jiko
~~Morsø Jiko is a small, wood-fired African inspired outdoor stove that is serviceable as a fire pit..
Morsø Kamino Outdoor Fireplace
The Morsø Kamino outdoor fireplace is shaped in cast iron and can – in addition to decorating and wa..
Morsø1410 Squirrel Multi-Fuel Stove
The Morsø 1410 is a classic radiant multi-fuel stove that will quickly and efficiently heat small ro..