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Rais 2:1 Double Sided Insert Fire
This is the stove, which adds a new dimension to your home. Continuous stoves for bricking in, with ..
Rais 500-1 Insert
This insert is remarkably pure in style, equally at home in a modern architectural design or inserte..
Rais 500-2 Corner Insert
The Rais 500-2 Corner insert has glass on two sides making it a unique corner firepla..
Rais 900 Insert Stove
With its streamlined, broad elegance, RAIS 900 contributes to highlighting the style of your home. T..
Rais Angle Outdoor Fire
The Rais Angle is a Graphic, sculptural grill for your Garden or patio area. It is an eye-..
Rais Bionic Fire
The Rais Bionic Fire is a newly designed stove, which makes it possible to be the very environmental..
Rais Buteo Tool Set
RAIS Buteo Poker, broom and shovel with a holder in an organically shaped design. Mount it on the..
Rais Carry Log Holder
RAIS Carry Architect-designed RAIS Carry reinvents the traditional firewood basket and gives it a..
Rais Circle Outdoor Fire
RAIS Circle This bonfire stove is a manifestation of design. It could hardly be simpler or more b..
Rais Gizeh Outdoor Fireplace
RAIS Gizeh Sculptural outdoor BBQ or a fireplace for your garden or summer cottage. ..
Rais Juno 160 Woodburning Stove
Rais Juno 160 Woodburning Stove will give your home an interior edge and character, the Rais Juno 16..
Rais Nexo 100 Wood Burning Stove
~~Absolutely clean lines. Made for the modern home with stylistically pure architecture. Matches sim..
Rais Pilar Woodburning Stove
Rais Pilar Woodburning Stove is a striking and sculptural attention-grabber in the room and offers a..
Rais Q-20 Stove
A flagship from RAIS the Q-20 stove which looks lovely but really takes up no room at all. The ..
Rais Q-BE Insert
The Rais Q-BE is an elegant insert that rounds off a corner most beautifully, as the door's gla..