Balanced Flue Gas Fires & Stoves

Balanced Flue Gas Fires & Stoves - A Balanced flue gas fire or stove appliance are completely sealed from the room into which it is installed (so there are no draughts and heating efficiency is increased) and a twin-wall pipe vents directly to an outside wall or out through a roof. The balanced flue twin-wall pipe works by drawing in air for combustion through the outer pipe whilst removing the combustion gases out through the inner pipe. Depending on the fire selection, the balanced flue pipe may exit horizontally through an external wall or vertically through the roof.    

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Bellfires View Bell XXL
The Bell XXL is the largest of the 3 sided View Bell Gas Fire family. Its 1.7m wide front glass..
Bellfires View Bell York
The Bellfires View Bell York is a horizontally shaped 3 sided Gas fire. It offers a view of the fire..
Chesneys Beaumont Standard Gas Stove
With its classical detailing and refined appearance, the Beaumont gas stove is an elegant addition t..
Chesneys Salisbury Standard Gas Stove
The Salisbury gas stove is very much in the style of a traditional wood burning stove – a robust and..
Dovre 280 Gas Stove
The Dovre 280 traditional gas stove is an all new model that blends Dovre’s pedigree in casting with..
Element 4 Bioptica Tunnel Gas Fire
The Bioptica is a 2-sided see-through balanced flue fireplace that lets you design your ro..
Element 4 Lucius 140 Room Divider Gas Fire
The Element 4 Lucius 140 Room divider is a 3 sided Balanced flue Gas fire available in three differe..
Element 4 Trisore 140 3 Sided Gas Fire
The Element 4 Trisore 140 is an extra wide fireplace (XL) that lets you enjoy its wonderful play of ..
Gazco Duplex Double Sided Gas Fire with Profil Frame
One of the latest exciting additions to the Gazco Studio gas fires range is the Studio 2 Duplex – of..
Gazco Huntingdon 20 Gas Stove
The compact Gazco Huntingdon 20 gas stove’s proportions make it perfect for standard fireplaces, whi..
Gazco Huntingdon 40 Gas Stove
The largest model in the Gazco Huntingdon range, the Gas Huntingdon 40 gas stove is perfectly at hom..
Gazco Loft Gas Stove
The Loft gas stove’s tall firebox is framed with reflective black glass, adding a striking two-tone ..
Gazco Loft Wall Mounted Gas Stove
The Loft gas stove’s tall firebox is framed with reflective black glass, adding a striking two-tone ..
Gazco Marlborough2 Medium Gas Stove
The Gazco Marlborough2 Medium gas stove can come as either a Conventional Flue with a..
Gazco Marlborough2 Small Gas Stove
Gazco Marlborough2 Small gas stove log effect, the Marlborough comes Conventional flue 2.3 kw output..