Stoves & Inserts With External Air Supply

Stoves With External Air Supply - External Air is a direct feed of fresh air from the outside into to the stove via a fresh air pipe, this pipe is fitted to the back of the stoves or under the combustion chamber. The External Air is used in well-insulated houses or mechanical ventilation, it brings air to the stove for combustion.

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Scan 68-14 Wood Burning Stove
The Scan 68-14 Low Base is the latest addition to the Scan 68-family. This version is approx 20..
Scan 80-2 Wood Burning Stove
The Scan 80 provides a beautiful 180 degree view of the flames through a prismatic glass and is perf..
Scan DSA 12 Double Sided Built-in Woodburning Fire
Scan DSA 12 is a double sided insert woodburning stove with glass on both sides enabling you to see ..
Skantherm Shaker Wood Burning Stove
Skantherm stoves are high quality fireplaces and stoves with a modern design. To Skantherm a fi..
Skantherm TURN  Wood Burning Stove
Fire is always in motion, its flames turn and twist around each other in constant play, this is..
Stovax Elise 540T Freestanding Wall Mounted Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves
The Stovax Freestanding 540T is available as a wall-mounted stove for a stylishly alternative instal..
Stovax Elise 680 Freestanding Stove
With a large window for an expansive view of the lively flames, Stovax’s wood burning and multi-fuel..
Stovax Elise Steel 540 Edge Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Insert Stove
The Stovax Elise Steel range presents an array of combinations to help you find the right fire for y..
Stovax Elise Steel 540 Evoke Steel Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Insert Stove
The Elise Steel 540 Evoke Steel frame combines with the Elise wood burning and multi-fuel inset..
Stovax Elise Steel 680 Edge+ Wood burning or Multi-fuel Insert Stove
The Stovax Elise Steel 680 Edge+ wood burning and multi-fuel inset fire continues the minimalis..
Stovax Elise Steel 680 Expression Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Inset Stove
The Elise Steel 680 Expression frame completes the Elise with an eye-catching, geometric frame ..
Stovax Elise Steel 850 Profil Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Insert Stove
The Stovax Elise Steel 850 Profil insert stove with its subtle styling and sophisticated metallic bl..
Stovax Vogue Medium Wood Burning Stove
The Stovax Vogue Medium wood burning stove provides an impressive 7kW of heat, making it a great cho..
Stovax Vogue Midi T Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Stove
The Stovax Midi T is a taller version of the Vogue Midi wood burning stove, offering the same ultra ..
Stovax Vogue Midi Wood burning Stove with Midline Wood Store Base
The Stovax Vogue Midi Wood burning Stove is one of the latest contemporary wood burning stoves ..