Stoves & Inserts With External Air Supply

Stoves With External Air Supply - External Air is a direct feed of fresh air from the outside into to the stove via a fresh air pipe, this pipe is fitted to the back of the stoves or under the combustion chamber. The External Air is used in well-insulated houses or mechanical ventilation, it brings air to the stove for combustion.

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Rais Nexo 100 Wood Burning Stove
The Rais Nexo 100 provides perfectly established clean lines. This Stove is made for the modern..
Rais Pilar Woodburning Stove
Rais Pilar Woodburning Stove is a striking and sculptural attention-grabber in the room and offers a..
Rais Q-20 Stove
A flagship from RAIS, the Q-20 stove looks lovely but really takes up no room at all. The Q-20 ..
Rais Q-BE Stove
With its fantastic large door, the Rais Q-BE wood burning stove is a stove designed with a..
Rais Rina Wood Burning Stove
The Rais Rina Wood Burning Stove has an elegant curved front and slanted sides. The Rina i..
Rais Visio 2 LH Corner Insert
The Rais Visio 2 with an all-glass two-sided glass door provides numerous fine design possibili..
Rais Visio 3:1 Three-sided Fire
Rais Visio 3:1 Three-sided Fire has extra depth and glass on three sides. The distinctive ..
Rocal Born Wood Burning Fireplace
Rocal's Born is a triangle-shaped, central fireplace. Its three sides each offer a great view o..
Rocal Drop Wood Burning Fireplace
The Rocal Drop Fireplace is sheer emotion, its Vertical lines and rounded forms become the..
Rocal Gala Wood Burning Fireplace
The Rocal Gala is an impressive central fireplace with an air of elegance and distinction. The Gala ..
Rocal Habit 80 With Wood Store Wood burning Stove
The Rocal Habit 80 Wood burning Stove with log store gives a nominal heat output of 9.5kw and&n..
Scan 68-12 Wood Burning Side Glass Stove with Open Base
Scan 68-12 Wood Burning stove with Side Glass panels, open Base and Aluminium Handles and trims. ..
Scan 68-12 Woodburning Stove With Pedestal & Glass Sided
Scan 68-12 Wood burning Stove With Pedestal & Glass Sided. The Scan 68 stove has a 3-8kw outp..
Scan 68-14 Wood Burning Stove
The Scan 68-14 Low Base is the latest addition to the Scan 68-family. This version is approx 20..
Scan 80-2 Wood Burning Stove
The Scan 80 provides a beautiful 180 degree view of the flames through a prismatic glass and is perf..