Gas Stoves

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Jotul GF 373 Balanced Flue Contemporary Gas Stove
The Jøtul GF 373 BF  gas stove is based on the award-winning Jøtul F 370 series and offers the ..
Jotul GF 400 Convectional Flue Gas Stove
The Jøtul GF 400 CF presents the perfect union of high efficiency and cast iron beauty like the GF 3..
Rais Viva L 160 Gas Stove
This stove stands out with its beautiful and gentle flames. This is true both of a smaller single fl..
Yeoman CL 3 Gas Stove
The Yeoman CL3 is the smallest of the new contemporary gas stoves from Yeoman. Despite its compact d..
Yeoman CL 5 Gas Stove
The Yeoman CL5 has a highly realistic log effect fuel bed and superb flame picture to create the sam..
Yeoman CL 8 Gas Stove
The Yeoman CL 8 gas stove is the largest in the CL range, the CL8 has a heat output of up to 5.6kW, ..
Yeoman Dartmoor Gas Stove
Yeoman’s Dartmoor gas stove not only offers you even more choice but also features a highly realisti..
Yeoman Exe Gas Stove
The Yeoman Exe Gas Stove 3.4kw comes with a highly realistic log fire effect and glowing embers, in ..
Yeoman Exmoor Gas Stove
The Yeoman Exmoor gas stove is a popular model that combines traditional charm with modern technolog..