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Stoves - Multifuel & Woodburning Stoves

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Jotul F145 Short Leg Stove
Jotul F145 is a small, but efficient Multifuel stove. It is a 6kw output and is available as a black..
Jotul F163 Contemporary Woodburning Stove
Jøtul F 163 is part of the F 160 series which consists of six variants of modern cast iron stoves, w..
Jotul F305 B Woodburning Stove In Black
The Jotul F305 B Black is their new wood burning stove with solid base and with a 10kw output and op..
Jotul F305 Long Leg White Woodburning Stove
Jotul F305 LL White wood burning stove on legs has a 10kw output with out side air connection. ..
Jotul F373 Advance Wood Burning Stove
The Jøtul F 373 Advance is characterised by its modern design where the combustion chamber sits on a..
Jotul F373 Woodburning Stove
 Jøtul F 373 is characterised by its modern and award-winning design where the combustion chamb..
Jotul F400 Woodburning Stove
Jøtul F 400 is one of the largest cast iron wood stoves on the Norwegian market, with room for logs ..
Jotul F481 Wood Burning Stove
The Jøtul F 480 series consists of two variants both fully cast iron with convection sides which can..
Jotul F483 Wood Burning Stove
The Jøtul F 480 series consists of two variants, both fully cast iron convection stoves which can be..
Jotul F500 Woodburning Stove
The Jøtul F500 is a large cast iron wood stove in a classic design, with one of the largest styled d..
Jotul F520 Wood Burning Stove
The Jotul F520 wood burning stove with its panoramic view of the firethe Jotul F520 offers the exper..
Jotul F600 Woodburning Stoves
With all of the technological features of its smaller cousins, the Jøtul F 600 is indeed a classic c..
Jotul F602 Woodburning Stove
Jøtul F 602 is one of Jøtul's timeless classics. Designed in the late 1930's by architects Blakstad ..
Jotul F8 TD Woodburning Stove
The Jøtul F 8 is one of Jøtul’s oldest traditional cast iron wood stoves and it is still going stron..
Jotul FS 74 Freestanding Insert Fireplace
Jotul FS 74 freestanding insert stove fireplace is the Jotul I520 in a three sided insert in a non-c..