Stoves - Woodburning & Multi-fuel

Stoves - Multifuel & Woodburning Stoves

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Charnwood Country 6 Stove
The Charnwood Country 6 produces 6kw of heat and is available with wood burning or multifuel options..
Charnwood Country 8 Stove
The Country 8 is a very popular choice in the Country range, delivering around 8kw of heat either as..
Charnwood Cove 1 Multi Fuel Stove
The Cove 1 is the smallest in the Cove series, with simple clean lines and a single door, an excelle..
Charnwood Cove 2 Multi fuel stove
The Cove 2 with its gentle curved door and soft lines creates a powerful centre point for any room. ..
Charnwood Cove 3 Multi fuel stove
The Cove 3 is the largest of the Cove Series with a rated output of 12 kw and maximum of 16 kw. It i..
Charnwood Island 1 Stove
The Charnwood  Island 1 is the smallest stove in the Island collection. Its uncomplicated looks..
Charnwood Island 2 CT Stove
The Charnwood Island 2CT is based on the successful Island 2 and features a built in soap stone..
Charnwood Island 2 Stove
The Charnwood Island 2 is the middle stove in the Island collection with a slightly larger view of t..
Charnwood Island 3 Stove
The Charnwood Island 3 is the largest stove in the Island collection. Its majestic proportions make ..
Charnwood Skye Woodburning Stove
Skye An exceptionally clean stove available as either a wood burning or multi-fuel stove des..
Charnwood SLX 20 Inset or freestanding Stove
The Charnwood SLX 20 is a multi-fuel stove with a more contemporary feel and can be fitted as an ins..
Charnwood Tor Pico Wood burning Stove
Charnwood's Tor Pico is the latest addition to the Tor range delivering 2-7kw of heat to a room, wit..
Charnwood Tor Stove
The Original Charnwood Tor delivers a respectable 3-10kw of heat to your room. The Tor is designed t..
Chesneys  Alpine Stove
The Chesneys Alpine stove has an imaginative retro styling which is quite unique. Its nickel-plated ..
Chesneys Beaumont Stove
The Chesneys Beaumont stove has an elegant and refined stove appearance which will look at home in t..