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Stoves - Multifuel & Woodburning Stoves

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Stovax Brunel 2CB Stove
The Stovax Brunel 2CB multi fuel stove will giving you a 6kw heat output with the Stovax cleanburn S..
Stovax Brunel 3CB Stove
The Brunel 3CB is the largest stove in the Brunel range. A traditional stove, it has a large glass w..
Stovax Double Sided Stockton
The Stovax Stockton 8 and 11 double sided stoves allow you to enjoy twice the comfort and twice the ..
Stovax Elise 540T Freestanding Wall Mounted Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves
The Stovax Freestanding 540T is available as a wall-mounted stove for a stylishly alternative instal..
Stovax Elise 540T Freestanding Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves
The Stovax 540T’s portrait firebox and advanced air systems ensure soaring flame visuals, along with..
Stovax Elise 680 Freestanding Stove
With a large window for an expansive view of the lively flames, Stovax’s wood burning and multi-fuel..
Stovax F40 Freestanding Stove
Incorporating all the latest firebox technology of the Stovax Riva 40 inset fire, the Riva F40 Frees..
Stovax Huntingdon 28
The Stovax Huntingdon 28 stove is an elegant piece of furniture in its own right. It comes with a pl..
Stovax Huntingdon 35
The Stovax Huntingdon 35 stove is available in individual multi fuel and wood burning stove versions..
Stovax Huntingdon 40 Stove
The Stovax Huntingdon 40 is the most powerful and largest model in the Huntingdon stove range. With ..
Stovax Riva F66 Freestanding Stove
If you are looking for the greater heating performance of the Stovax Riva 66 inset fire but wish to ..
Stovax Riva Plus Large Woodburning or Multifuel Stove
The Stovax Riva Plus Large stove will create a magnificent focal point in your home and gives a sign..
Stovax Riva Plus Medium Woodburning or Multifuel Stove
The Stovax Riva Plus Medium is a versatile stove and is ideal for medium to larger sized rooms. It d..
Stovax Riva Plus Midi Woodburning or Multifuel Stove
The Stovax Riva Plus Midi stove is a little bigger than the Riva Plus Small,  with its 6.5..
Stovax Riva Plus Small Woodburning or Multifuel Stove
The Stovax Riva Plus Small stove is a 5kw efficient compact yet powerful way of heating your room wi..